Berry-Wood A.O.W.
Berry-Wood A.O.W.
Manufactured by the Berry-Wood Piano Player Company of Kansas City this particular instrument, introduced in 1912, was the largest machine in the high-quality line of Berry-Woods.  Encased in teakwood and ornamented with art glass panels and lamps, the Berry-Wood A.O.W. boasts:
34 wood flute pipes, 34 violin pipes, coupler phone, kettle drum, castanets, crash cymbal and cymbal, triangle, bass and snare drums, a rim-drumming device, tambourine and mandolin...the equivalent of a ten-piece orchestra.
The machine style was said to have been "particularly adapted for use in moving picture houses".  This Berry-Wood A.O.W. is the last known instrument of its kind in existence.  It still operates.

NOTE: Original nipper dog on top.

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