DeBence Antique Music World is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.  We do our most to utilize time,staff and volunteers in a cost-effective and profitable manner.  In order to help achieve that goal, we continue to post new web links.  However, since we do not buy or sell used instruments, we are NOT a source for determining the retail or fair-market values of musical instruments.  So please don’t ask us.  There are many web sites you may check for assistance with your questions about instruments that you need appraised, restored or repaired.

If you have mechanical musical instruments that you would like to donate to the museum please give us a call.  We are unable to accept standard pianos, and unless your player piano is highly unusual we will not be able to accept it either.  When you call regarding a music box, phonograph, musical toy or other item please have as much information as possible – take a good look to see if you can determine manufacturer’s name, serial numbers, any dates stamped or written on the item.  This will help us evaluate the item to see if it meets the criteria for inclusion in the collection.

If you live close by and have an instrument that needs repair our volunteer restoration staff will be glad to evaluate the item for you to determine the work needed to be done.  We will either recommend someone to do the work for you or do the work in our restoration shop.  Cost of an evaluation is $30.