Berry-Wood A.O.W., ca. 1912. Mfd. by the Berry-Wood Piano Player Company of Kansas City. It was the largest machine in the high-quality line of Berry-Woods.
Violano Virtuoso, ca. 1911. Mfd. by the Mills Novelty Company of Chicago. The machine contains one violin, but could be built with up to three.
Music Boxes
Sublime Harmony Piccolo Cylinder Music , ca. 1885. Mfd. by Mermod Freres of St. Croix, Switzerland.
Criterion Disk Player, ca. 1897. Mfd. by F.G. Otto Company of New Jersey.
Grand Regins 27″ Disk Music Box, ca. 1897. Mfd. by Regina Company of Rahway, New Jersey.
Modernola Phonograph, ca. early 1930s, mfd. in Johnstown, PA. Could be purchased with or without electric light.
Edison C19 “Chippendale” Phonograph, ca. 1919. Uses a diamond stylus.
Columbia Grafonola, ca. 1918. Manufactured by the Columbia Graphophone Company.
Victor Victrola Model 2115, ca. 1924, mfd. in Camden, New Jersey.
Band Organs
Wellershaus Brothers German Fair Organ, ca. 1904. Built as a barrel organ but converted to play book music in 1934.
WurliTzer Style 148 Military Band Organ, ca. 1927, mfd. in Tonawanda, NY. One of only 46 produced.
WurliTzer 105 Band Organ Prototype, ca. 1930, mfd. in North Tonawanda, NY. The only 65-note band organ produced.