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DeBence Antique Music World
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1261 Liberty St, Franklin, PA 16323

When Jake and Elizabeth DeBence started collecting self-playing instruments in 1940, they did so because these once common machines were quickly disappearing from public operation, needing someone to preserve the joyful cultural heritage they represent.

The fact that this is worth doing is verified by visitors who are entranced by their performance. We have eight- and ten-year-old children dancing to the music and sixty-year-olds singing along with the songs these instruments play.

With lots of local support, we were able to save their collection and open it to the public in 1995. We have paid off the mortgage on the building. We have repaired all of the machines and added several more, but our continued existence depends on properly funding our trust. This is where your help can ensure not only our continued survival, but growth, for future generations.

– Prescott “Scotty” Greene, President and Executive Director